World-class Ecosystems in the Finnish Economy – Impact Study

“World-class Ecosystems and Competitive Business Environment” is one of the two Business Finland’s strategic impact targets. As agreed between Business Finland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM), the realization of this impact target is evaluated once every two years by conducting an impact study. A comprehensive mapping and impact study of Business Finland’s ecosystem operations is of national interest: in the government programme of Rinne/Marin, “international billion-euro ecosystems” are defined as significant drivers of future growth.

The subject of the Subcontracting Agreement is the provision of services in the context of the Tender Contract regarding Impact Study on World-class Ecosystems in the Finnish Economy – Work Package A with Business Finland reference code 87/27/2019 (hereinafter called ‘the Contract’, Annex A) signed on 4 April 2020 between 4FRONT and Business Finland Oy (hereinafter called ‘the Client’). The task of the Subcontractor will be to participate in the different tasks of the Impact Study, to the extent and in the roles as defined in the tender (Annex B: Tender). The workload anticipated for the Subcontractor under this contract is in total 5 working days, in tasks specified in Annex B. The Subcontractor is responsible for carrying out his/her duties as instructed by 4FRONT and the Client.

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