PSF Challenge – Mutual Learning Excercise on EU Missions implementation at national level

The five EU Missions – Adaptation to Climate Change, Cancer, Restore our Oceans and Waters, 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities and A Soil Deal for Europe – implement the mission-oriented approach at the EU level. They are a novelty of the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme for the years 2021-2027. As such, the implementation of the EU Missions requires new forms of governance and collaboration, new approaches for citizen engagement and significant investments by both private and public actors.

The Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) focuses on the available evidence and collective experience to support the development of effective national frameworks for the implementation of EU Missions. A lot of experimentation with mission-oriented approaches is carried out both in the EU Member States and beyond Europe. At this point in time an effective exchange of experiences and hands-on advice to support national mission owners such as ministries, public authorities and agencies has become particularly pivotal.

The aim of the MLE is to identify emerging practices, lessons learned and success factors in the national implementation of EU Missions. The focus is placed on the available evidence and collective experience that contribute to the development of effective national implementation frameworks of the EU Missions. The MLE outputs will be five reports, one for each thematic topic, and a final report. A community of practice among the MLE participants will be created to promote exchanges of further learning.

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