Support to the management of the Smart Specialisation Community of Practice

The S3 Community of Practice (S3CoP) is 3 years project funded by DG REGIO, led by Technopolis Group, and where the EFIS Centre collaborates with IDEA Consult, Opix, CIVITTA, Old Continent, Teamwork, Vanguard Initiative, 4FRONT, ERRIN and the University of Brighton.
The role of the S3 Community of Practice is to ensure an integrated support system to S3 practitioners at regional, national, and European level, tailored to reach the following objectives:

  • Provide a main point of contact for the community of S3 practitioners and engage the S3 stakeholders in fruitful interactions
  • Operate the S3 CoP website, social media, and organise events for the S3 community
  • Ensure the flow and accessibility of information and knowledge on S3 generated through the analytical, advisory, and technical support, expert database, and communication activities.
  • Facilitate three Working Groups on the RIS3 enabling condition key aspects (Innovation Diffusion, Industrial Transformation, Interregional Cooperation)
  • Establish an Expert Group and provide ad-hoc analytical support for the development of the S3 concept
  • Provide technical assistance, learning tools and advice to S3 stakeholders, in support of the design and / or implementation of S3, and /or relate to the thematic enabling condition “Good governance of national or regional Smart Specialisation Strategy”
  • Provide secretariat support and animation services to S3 thematic platforms (TSSPs), as well as technical assistance to S3 thematic partnerships.

EFIS leads the Working Package 4 Working Groups (WGs) on S3. The WGs main objective is to collect and document existing knowledge and good practices on the fulfilment of the S3 enabling condition with a specific focus on three conditions: innovation diffusion, industrial transition, and inter-regional cooperation. The EFIS Centre will set up, support, animate and ensure the ‘broadcasting’ of the results of WGs.

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