Smart Transitions ECCI

The Smart Transitions project successfully incorporated the green indicators into the toolkit and applied these in-depth in two coal-dependent regions in Poland. In the course of five months, assessments were conducted in the coal-dependent Slaskie Voivodeship and the Konin subregions of Poland. EFIS contributed to the project via a report that provides a basis for transition to low-carbon (zero-carbon) economy based on smart specialisation. It outlines a number of indicators that should guide the regions to measure the transition towards a low-carbon economy, using the smart specialisation methodology. Furthermore, it provides a smart specialisation zero-carbon transition roadmap as well as comments on necessary modifications of the already existing smart specialisation tools that would help support the process. The indicators take into consideration linking existing regional competencies and strength in the area of high-carbon technologies that have the potential to transition into low-carbon opportunities. The indicators proposed cover a wide range of metrics including current economic situation, emissions intensity and (green) jobs creation.

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