R&I contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

There is growing pressure to demonstrate that public investment in research and innovation is generating not only ‘research outputs’ or ‘commercial returns (from innovation) but also contributing to addressing the broader set of societal challenges within the SDG goals. The purpose of this study is to support DG R&I in the development of the 3Ps Dashboards by identifying, rationalising and analysing indicators, which will be used to measure the contribution of the R&I to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This project is lead by EFIS Centre in collaboration with Orchestra, 4Front and MERIT.

In particular, the study encompasses the provision of indicators measuring the interplay between research and innovation (R&I) and the environmental (Planet), economic (Prosperity) and societal (People) dimensions of sustainable development. Innovations of various kinds may have social, environmental or economic benefits, and investments in different innovation activities may influence different aspects of sustainability. 

In this context, the service goes beyond the mere provision of indicators, and aims to elaborate a sound conceptual framework, underpinned by theoretical and empirical evidence, to relate the identified indicators with the different aspects of sustainability and to identify synergies and possible trade-offs. The project will also identify and provide concrete examples of R&I related policies, reforms and measures at national level, which aim at facilitating the achievement of SDGs.

About the project





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