Regional Competition Futourismo

Technical assistance in concept development, organisation and execution of Regional Competition Futourismo
Support to RCC Triple P Tourism Project in the development of the concept of regional competition in tourism, provision of expert advice as well as support in preparation of the event and its execution.

The overall objective of the consultancy is to support RCC Triple P Tourism Project by providing inputs for developing the concept of regional competition event seeking innovative solutions in tourism sector, and by providing expert support in preparation of the event and its launch. The event will help Western Balkan (WB) tourism address the challenges of fasttechnological evolution, respond to the crisis and recover from the effects caused by COVID19 using smart digital solutions. This competition will bring together different stakeholders from WB6 with the aim of working and cooperating together on the identification of smart digital solutions and further development of digital transformation in the region.

Background information

Triple P Tourism Project is a three-year initiative funded by the EU. It focuses on the 6 IPA II beneficiaries in the Western Balkans, to include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. The project aims to improve the qualityof the tourism offer by: creating joint offer/product(s) to foster regional integration in the tourism sector and its joint global promotion; diversifying tourism offer of the region; alleviating policy barriers to development of tourism industry and easing of administrative procedures; improving the level of services related to tourism; and supporting small-scale infrastructure projects to support the development of regional tourism offer/product.

About the project





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