PSF Moldova

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova requested the support of the Policy Support Facility (PSF) in March 2020 in relation to three topics:
(1) a review of the funding system for public research;
(2) a setup of a comprehensive policy for the development and effective use of public R&I infrastructures; and
(3) a development of measures aimed at strengthening the links between research and business.
The PSF Panel of six independent experts supported by two peer reviewers worked from June 2021 to December 2022 including two missions to Moldova to consult with stakeholders. On the 20th January 2023, the Expert Panel presented their final recommendations to the Moldovan stakeholders in the Dissemination Event in Chișinău.
The recommendations – both strategic and policy level – call for bringing more stability into the R&I system of the Republic of Moldova and ensuring continuity of policy decisions and actions.
EFIS Centre managed this PSF Country assignment and brought 3 experts into the team as Rapporteur, Analytical Support Expert and a Project Manager.

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