PSF Greece

In June 2021, the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) requested the support of the Policy Support Facility (PSF) for an independent review of the Research and Innovation policy in Greece in order to further support and upgrade the National Research Infrastructures.

The key areas under review are: RIs governance and management efficiency; National framework for the RI; and indicators for monitoring and assessment of the RIs.

European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation provided a positive reply to this request and agreed on a PSF Country aiming at providing external advice and operational recommendations to the Greek authorities on how to increase the contributions of the National Research Infrastructures to the Greek R&I ecosystem.

EFIS Centre is managing this PSF Country assignment and has brought a panel with five experts into the team plua a National Support Expert, Analytical Support Expert and Quality Assurance.


About the project





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