Nordic Innovation operationalisation of the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Innovation and Business 2018-2021

The objective of the study was to “Frame concepts and track the development and iterations of Nordic Innovations three thematic innovation programmes, as well as give examples of potential impact. The aim was to nurture learning within Nordic Innovation, as well as across its stakeholders, and to support the development of new innovation programmes and adaptation to dynamic environments.

The study team carried out a series of interviews, data and documentary analysis in order to develop three impact cases studies, one for each of three programmes: Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation; Health, Demography and Quality Life; Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity. The programmes are all cross-sectoral. They are open, wide-ranging and allow for final operationalisation and delimitation at activity level. By using broad definitions, Nordic Innovation considers technological development, innovation and changes that cannot be predicted at present, concurrently as stimulating innovation and cooperation across sectors and ecosystems.

Based on the learnings, the final task was to develop proposals to contribute to the design of new programmes and the initiatives for the Nordic Council of Ministers Vision2030, this was done partly through several online and in situ workshops.



About the project





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