New approaches to innovation policy to support the green transition

This project was awarded by the Finnish Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs with the aim to produce information and tools for the development of new approaches to innovation policy to effectively support the green transition. The project had three objectives:

  1. Identify innovation policy gaps and development needs in promoting the green transition and develop an analytical framework to support the preparation of the “Green Transition Innovation Policy”.
  2. Exploring new way to develop challenge driven approach to R&D and innovation funding and to improve the scalability of solutions.
  3. Explore how to identify the key technologies relevant to the green transition and prepare an implementation roadmap

EFIS Centre contributed as experts in consultation process with the Finnish ministry and also led the benchmarking. In the latter, we explored selected examples at national level of countries that have introduced green transition policies and highlighted useful elements that can contribute to accelerate the transition and reach the targets set by the Finnish government.

About the project





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