In April 2024 EFIS Centre designed and delivered a hands-on workshop “Brace yourself for impact” for a community of precision medicine and cancer professionals coming from three projects: ECHoS, Establishing Cancer mission Hubs: Network and Synergies and the two EchoS ambassador projects PCM4EU, Personalised Cancer Medicine for all EU citizens and PRIME-ROSE, Precision Cancer Medicine Repurposing System Using Pragmatic Clinical Trials.

This was the first out of a series of three workshops to test different methods and tools to help cancer communities develop their own frameworks and models to track the impact of their activities. Each of the workshops was designed to address one of the pillars of the EU Cancer Mission. “Brace yourself for impact” was a workshop for pillar II: Precision medicine implementation.

With help of EFIS Centre, PCM4EU, PRIME-ROSE and other interested parties learned about impacts and practiced mapping he pathways to societal, scientific and economic impacts of precision medicine implementation.

The event took place in conjunction with the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum in Stockholm, 22nd- 23rd April and was generously supported by the Precision Medicine Forum that serves as a regular convenor of the precision medicine community.

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