Evaluation study on the external coherence and synergies of Horizon 2020 within the European research and innovation support system

The objective of the study is to evaluate specifically the external coherence of H2020 (2014-2020) in relation to the rest of the R&I environment, as well as identify evidence of and learn from strategic and operational synergies. In doing so, the analysis will take into account the principle of subsidiarity – i.e. the relationship between EU and national programmes and initiatives – and the various interactions occurring between EU programmes and national, regional and private initiatives, such as complementarities, gaps and overlaps. The evaluation efforts aims at identifying operational recommendations for future actions, as well as ways to improve H2020 external coherence and strengthen synergies with other initiatives.

The geographic scope of the study is EU27 and associated H2020 countries including the UK.

About the project





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