Evaluation STEREO III

STEREO III (Support To Exploitation and Research in Earth Observation) was the seventh earth observation research programme set up by the Belgium federal government. This study provided with an ex-post evaluation of the programme, carried out during 2021 in cooperation with Dialogic.

The objectives of the evaluation were fourfold: (1) Assess the performance of the different blocks of the STEREO III programme; (2) Analyse the performance of the STEREO III programme (scientific impact and wider societal impacts); (3) Ascertain whether the objectives of the programme have been achieved; and, (4) Identify the elements within the programme that need to be adapted/improved in order to prepare for the fourth phase of the STEREO programme.

In addition to evaluating the programme and its various components, the study provided insight into the research themes and groups with the greatest potential, the factors that contributed most to successful research projects and insight into existing R&D competencies within the STEREO teams. It also provided with a set of recommendations on the organisation, possible content and management of the programme.

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