Evaluation of innovation milieus

This project focuses on a particular instance of MDI policy executed by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova: the funding of 5 so called “mission-driven innovation milieus” in 2019.

In a recent report, OECD (2021) outlines different types of MDI policy. The Vinnova initiative can be categorized as an ‘ecosystem-based mission program, which is slightly different from other types of mission-led policy, e.g. overarching mission-oriented strategic frameworks or thematic mission-oriented programs (OECD, 2021).

OECD (2021) describes the ecosystem-based mission program as allowing “stronger directionality and legitimacy by delegating responsibilities related to strategic orientation to relevant community (or ecosystems) of stakeholders in priority or emerging areas.

One of the main added values of this type of MDI is to engage wider participation and significant investment from a variety of partners in initiatives that build on the strategic agenda they have collectively designed”.

About the project




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