European Innovation Scoreboard 2018-2019

The purpose of this service contract was to provide the European, national and regional policymakers, innovation practitioners and all interested public with a solid, EU-wide analytical tool to help monitor, measure and benchmark the innovation performance of the European Union, individual Member States and their regions as well as the EU’s associated countries and other key international economic partners. The project improved and updated the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) and the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS).

EFIS Centre’s contribution was focused on future methodological development of the Scoreboards. EFIS developed three methodological (technical) papers exploring new ways of tracking the impact of R&I policies on innovation performance (EIS indicators), development of a set of structural indicators that help contextualise innovation performance for the EIS and selecting environment (sustainable development) indicators for inclusion in the EIS 2021.

This project was commissioned by the European Commission’s DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. EFIS Centre participated in a consortium led by MERIT (Maastricht University, the Netherlands) with Deloitte (Belgium), Nesta (United Kingdom), and Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI, Portugal).

About the project





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