EATRIS Impact Framework

EATRIS is a distributed European infrastructure for translational medicine. In 2019-2020, EATRIS participated in the piloting exercise of the RI-PATHS project. This pilot enabled EATRIS to make first attempt at defining its impact pathways and explore ways to collect data evidencing its broader societal impact. This short-term consulting project aimed to refine the initial thinking on EATRIS impact through a deliberation of a more comprehensive impact assessment framework.

EFIS Centre team implemented desk research and systematic mapping of evidence. The mapping exercise concentrated on singling out and categorising potential causal relationships between the main EATRIS activities and their outputs, longer-term outcomes, and wider impacts. As a result, eight impact pathways were elaborated outlining EATRIS impacts on professional development, impact on research quality, efficiency and its societal relevance, impact on changing research practices, impact on economy and innovation, impact on health and well-being, impact on policy and science valorisation. The outcomes of the project included elaborated logics of individual EATRIS impact pathways, as well as a synthesis graphs how individual pathways relate to each other.

The developed impact framework serves EATRIS not only in adoption of the future strategic plan, but also has been acknowledged as a useful communication tool that explains in concise way what EATRIS do in translation medicine and why it matters to society.

We are relaying on your amazing work to strengthen the impact section of EATRIS’ next strategic plan for 2023-2026. (Anne-Charlotte Fauvel, EATRIS Head of European Affairs)

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