Matias Barberis

Matias has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of policies for disaster risk reduction, resilience and sustainability, socio-economic impact assessment and research policy. Moreover, he has strong expertise on qualitative and participative methodologies. Matias holds a Ph.D. in Social Studies and Humanities, a master’s in environmental and Regional Policies for Sustainability and Local Development, and a bachelor’s in international Relations.

He contributed to several research and applied projects in Latin America and Europe about urban regeneration, citizen participation, migration strategies, crisis and resilience management. In his career, he gained relevant experience in project management and communication, research evaluation and academic collaboration at European level. Since he joined EFIS Centre, he is involved in projects oriented to digital and green transformation as well as impact assessment. He is leading the EU-funded project FUTURESILIENCE.

Native from Argentina and holding a dual citizenship from Italy, Matias advocates for a research that can really contribute to people’s quality of life. He loves to do research directly connected with society, that has concrete impact and possibilities of uptake by decision makers. To do this, he gets lot of inspiration by reading dystopian and science fiction literature, that helps him imagine possible and impossible futures. Movies give a hint there too! He is a frequent traveller, but not only for conferences and projects: he is passionate to discover other cultures, ways of thinking and different languages (he already speaks Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English, some German and improving French). All ingredients to design a better world from experiences coming from far away, or just from the neighbour country.

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