EFIS Centre’s Research Director Dr Jelena Angelis talked about the future of Open Science during a recent workshop “Challenges for the European Research Area” held in Florence on 3 October 2018. Organised by the European Science Foundation, the aim of the workshop was to discuss, exchange and debate critical subjects for ERA, such as mission-based approaches in the forthcoming Horizon Europe programme, current trends in merit-based scientific review, and Open Science.

Collaboration and sharing of data and resources of Research Infrastructures; a link between such sharing, more technological and scientific breakthroughs and higher socio-economic impacts; and a need to re-think the incentives and rewards for researchers and research infrastructures when engaging in Open Science were some of the discussed topics.

The contribution was made based on the experience of the EFIS Centre team and especially from the two current H2020 projects run by EFIS Centre – eInfraCentral and RI-PATHS.