The Next Generation Internet (NGI) works towards a more democratic, resilient, sustainable, trustworthy, and inclusive internet by 2030. In this context, NGI Trust tackled the trust gap by funding and boosting third-party projects and stakeholder communities on the privacy and trust-enabled technologies (PET) that are at the heart of the NGI.

NGI Trust impact evaluation confirmed that the project was successful in selecting high-quality third-party projects and meeting its objective to “build on the state of the art in privacy and trust-enhancing technologies by funding projects in priority topics”. In particular, it was found that NGI Trust had underlined the importance of ethics, reliability and credibility within a trusted circle of sustainable and appreciable next generation internet solutions made in Europe.

NGI Trust boosted innovation and helped participating projects progress significantly along the “innovation funnel”. Nearly 85% of NGI Trust funded projects advanced their technology readiness level (TRL), with 42% reaching TRL 5-6 and 20% achieving TRL 7-8 (i.e. a tested or demonstrated solution or system).

NGI Trust funded projects contributed to establishing a sustainable European brand of innovation. They are providing new paths to secure and fair internet innovation, seeding future solutions for better and wider positive societal impact. The project developed clear proof of how PET solutions complement NGI’s wider goals in Europe, to build an ecosystem of trust, fairness, resilience and sustainability. NGI Trust is “putting important technology and frameworks in the hands of many”.

Check out the recently published Future Opportunities report, developed by EFIS Centre with contributions from members of NGI Trust advisory board and consortium partners (European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN)Kantara Initiative EuropeGÉANTFraunhofer IAO and Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation). The report presents the main findings of the Impact Evaluation of NGI Trust project as well as an overview of key trends and challenges around privacy and trust enhancing technologies. It also includes concluding remarks and recommendations that serve as a basis for future research and innovation actions.

You can download and read the final report here.

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