The EOSCpilot project convened the first EOSC Stakeholder Forum on 28-29 November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The main goal of EOSCpilot is to draw up a set of recommendations for the future architecture of the European Open Science Cloud.

Dr Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. from the eInfraCentral team was invited to the panel for the session “Principles of Engagement in the EOSC”.

The purpose of the panel discussion was to contribute to the ongoing task in EOSCpilot to investigate and analyse the organisational Principles of Engagement for scientific users and service providers in the EOSC. The challenge is that there are legal, financial, ethical and other organisations aspects that could hinder both the provision and usage of services in the EOSC. The EOSCpilot aims to set Principles which are small and generic enough to allow for participation form all players. In light of this topic, Jorge Sanchez presented the eInfraCentral  pproach to the common catalogue of services and shared with the audience the lessons learned in overcoming this challenge. The interactions with the audience during this session highlighted the necessity to think how to bring together in a seamless manner the new initiatives such as eInfraCentral catalogue of services and service catalogues, registries and software applications already developed for the needs of various research communities.

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