A two-day symposium “Open Science in the Greek research ecosystem: research processes, research data and partnerships” took place from 29 to 30 November 2018 in Athens, Greece. The Research Center “Athena” organised it in the framework of the European projects OpenAIRE, infrastructure for Open Science in Europe, and the RDA Europe 4 (the European plug-in of Research Data Alliance, RDA).

The eInfraCentral, being the catalogue of the EOSC Portal, was presented in an interactive hands-on session. It targeted national service providers who wish to include their services in the catalogue. George Papastefanatos, Akrivi Katifori and Konstantinos Spyrou from the University of Athens (a partner in the eInfraCentral project consortium) presented an overview of the functionality of the catalogue and gave a step-by-step tutorial for the registration of new service providers and services. More than 50 persons, researchers, representatives from national organisations and students, attended the session. 

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EFIS Centre is a coordinator of eInfraCentral, a H2020 project funded under grant agreement No 731049.