Christine Neve

Christine Neve holds a bachelor’s degree in finances and public relations and has been operations and finance manager at EFIS Centre since 2018. She has more than 13 years of experience in administrative, financial, and project management functions, including the development of financial and operational strategies, budget monitoring/reporting/auditing (coping with EU procedures), and framework contract management. She is particularly involved in the implementation of H2020 dissemination and communication activities including project identity and branding activities, and the design of roll-up banners, posters, business cards and leaflets in line with the European Commission’s policy on corporate visual identity and IPG rules.

She was the network administrator of Erawatch Network ASBL (2007-14. This not-for-profit organisation represented a consortium of over 40 partners (a mix of academic researchers and private-sector consultants) worldwide with partners in all EU member states, neighbourhood countries, OECD countries and Latin America. It was created to manage a €10 million framework contract with DG JRC.

During her time at Technopolis Group (2007-16), Christine also managed several EU-funded framework contracts, mainly on behalf of DG Enterprise/Growth, DG Research, and DG Environment. She was in charge of the contracts and sub-contract management, communication work-packages, administrative and financial management/reporting and meeting organisation. Hence, she has excellent knowledge of EU procedures, from public procurements to financial reporting and contract coordination.

As an authentic Belgian and working in the EU arena for over a decade, Christine is used to juggling different cultures, languages and themes. This also makes her a natural problem-solver, solution-finder and compromise-maker.

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