ESFRI Workshop ” Monitoring of RIs, Periodic Update of Landmarks and Use of KPIs”

On 19 November 2018, PRACE participated in the panel session “FAIR + R and EOSC-readiness implications on RIs performance and sustainability” during the ESFRI Workshop ” Monitoring of RIs, Periodic Update of Landmarks and Use of KPIs”.

Open access based on merit is the key component of Research Infrastructures like PRACE, the European High-Performance Computing Infrastructure. This key element connects well with FAIR+R data principles and EOSC readiness concept. The panel session gathered together an EC officer, an ESFRI delegate and three RI representatives, in order to evaluate how these principles apply to ESFRI RIs. 

Services of most Research Infrastructures are data-related, and hence the RI itself is the main actor responsible for the implementation and enforcement of these principles. However, this is not the case for RIs like PRACE, where the services provided are one step ahead of the data pipeline. In this case, the Research Infrastructure can only enforce adherence of their users to the FAIR+R principles in their data management plans. Interoperability is the only item that those Research Infrastructures have to ensure, and the major challenge there is the compatibility of the merit-based access mechanisms (peer review) of the different services to interoperate.

The session served to understand that FAIR+R data principles impacts in the services that RIs provide, and each RI can only act in certain steps of the data pipeline. This high diversity needs to be properly considered in the future monitoring of Research Infrastructures and in the implementation of FAIR+R principles. 

The recording of the workshops can be viewed here.

EFIS Centre is a coordinator of eInfraCentral, a H2020 project funded under grant agreement No 731049.

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