At the Conference on Theory and Practice of Smart Specialisation in Less-Developed Regions (organised by Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy in Brussels, 2 February 2018) EFIS was represented by one of the top policy experts in the field, Alasdair Reid.

The Conference gathered researchers and policy makers from European countries, notably professors Slavo Radošević and Dominique Foray, Lena Tsipouri. Following on from the recently published book on Advances in the Theory and Practice of Smart Specialization, the event discussed institutional pre-conditions for Smart Specialisation and the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process in less-developed regions.

Some crucial issues regarding improvements in the Smart Specialisation process in the current programming period have been debated, and ideas regarding the ex ante conditions and institutional framework of the EU’s next programming period (2020-2027) mentioned. The field of Smart Specialisation is closely followed by researchers from EFIS through the Online S3 Horizon 2020 project and other activities.

Alasdair Reid’s presentation can be viewed at