From January 2019 to June 2020, the NGI_Trust project ran three rounds of open calls, funding 56 projects in the field of privacy and trust enhancing technologies.

Now that the projects from the third and final open call have been selected, the NGI_Trust team has grouped the portfolio into 12 thematic areas and published a comprehensive catalogue.

Discover all the projects here:

From now until the end of the project ( end November 2021), the NGI_Trust consortium will continue to provide technical coaching, intellectual property and business mentoring support to the funded projects in order to maximise their impact.

About NGI_Trust

The NGI_Trust project supports the development of a human-centric Internet by developing a stronger European ecosystem of researchers, innovators and technology developers in the field of privacy and trust enhancing technologies. Project partners include the European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre, the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN)Kantara Initiative EuropeGÉANTFraunhofer IAO and Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation.

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