While RDA, the Research Data Alliance, is focused on improving the sharing of research data across borders, there was strong interest shown in the European Open Science Cloud at RDA’s 11th Plenary Meeting in Berlin, 21-23 March. The sharing of research data across borders is, of course, one of the key motivations of EOSC, and the “birds of a feather” session on Wednesday — “EOSC-related European Projects getting Global: Engaging with the RDA”, chaired by Francoise Genova — was standing room only. While much of the discussion revolved around data rather than services, OpenAIRE’s Paolo Manghi flagged the coordinating role eInfraCentral is playing in creating an “aggregating catalogue” for EOSC services and other, more specialised, service catalogues; and EUDAT’s Rob Baxter (in response to ICOS’s Maggie Helstrom) highlighted the rising importance of data services as tools to manage and coordinate data sharing in an increasingly complex research landscape. Services which can respond to complex queries, which can provide data in standardised formats with well-defined metadata and licence information, and which can be hooked together into complex workflows across national and international infrastructures are exactly the type of research tool that RDA aims to realise — and exactly the sorts of service to be found in a rich service catalogue like eInfraCentral. The symbiosis between eInfraCentral, EOSC and RDA is clear, and the BoF really brought it home that we are all working together towards the same goal of open, frictionless and truly global science.