Europe is building the Next Generation Internet, we need your help to make it human centric by developing scalable privacy and trust enhancing solutions.

The 1st NGI_TRUST open call for projects is now launched (offering grants of up to €200k).

The NGI Trust open calls aim to:

  • Engage a variety of players (newcomers to H2020 are encouraged) !
  • Explore pre-selected privacy & trust enhancing topics (defined with the support an advisory board) critical to building a human centric Internet.

NGI TRUST will support third-party projects working in the following areas:

  • Technical innovation in privacy enhancing technologies, such as cryptography, federated identity, security and privacy for Internet of Things (IoT), distributed ledgers and privacy-enhancing data transports and data at rest.
  • The application of artificial intelligence/machine learning/neural networks to serve the user’s interests (such as addressing concerns arising from the impact of profiling and mass surveillance).
  • Bootstrapping trust at the protocol level, to maintain a decentralised Internet Infrastructure, for the establishment of trust, privacy (and security) between end-users and services.
  • Developing means for individuals to make more informed decisions on the relevance of information that they are asked to disclose when accessing and using services.

NGI Trust is organising three rounds of open calls:

  • A 1st call (open from 1 February 2019) will seek to attract a broad mix of projects including a larger number of early-stage ‘feasibility’ studies.
  • A 2nd call (scheduled to open in October 2019) and a 3rd call (scheduled to open in February 2020) will aim to build on 1st phase projects (larger second round funded projects following on from smaller pilot/feasibility projects) but also attract additional players with scalable projects in specific fields, industries or verticals.

NGI_TRUST Open Call third-party projects

Three types of third-party projects will be awarded funding:

  • Type 1 (viability) : up to € 100,000 from NGI_Trust, no matching funds required. The objective is to explore and assess the technical feasibility and/or commercial potential of a breakthrough innovation that aims at enhancing privacy and trust for the NGI. Activities can include conceptual development, risk assessment, market study or intellectual property management of a new technology or service, or a new application of existing technologies.
  • Type 2 (execution) : up to €180,000 from NGI_Trust and matching funds of up to €90,000 (2/3 – 1/3 model). The objective is to fund R&D or technology development projects underpinned by a strategic plan and feasibility assessment (which can be, but need not be, developed through a Type 1 project funded by NGI_Trust).
  • Type 3 (transition to commercialisation): up to €200,000 from NGI_Trust and the equivalent in matching funds (50/50). These projects should pursue the commercialisation of a privacy and trust enhancing innovation for the NGI (which can be, but need not be, developed through a Type 2 project funded by NGI_Trust).

Interested in applying ?

For the first call, the call text, application form and detailed guidance for applicants are now available for download at the NGI_TRUST Open Call Wiki page: