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Building a strong case for mission-based STI policy in Lithuania

In a bid to boost cooperation between business and science, Lithuania commissioned a team of innovation policy experts to propose new ways of connecting the country’s science, technology and innovation (STI) to the realities on the ground. Their findings, presented on 8 December during an online dissemination event, point to the need for mission-driven approaches […]

Research infrastructures – University of Twente

Research infrastructures – as drivers for science and innovation – play an important role in the research-intensive universities. · How can universities make strategic decisions about investments into research infrastructures? · What processes need to be put in place to ensure the different types of research infrastructures are being supported at the university level? · […]

Interactive Toolkit on Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Research Infrastructures

Over the last decade, the EFIS Centre team has built up an in-depth experience on the topic of socio-economic impact assessment of research infrastructures. Our staff have participated in numerous studies covering this focus area both for individual infrastructures as well as at strategic policy-making level. For example, the methodology developed in “The Guide to […]

Supporting green transformation of our economy

Our experts have been working on green economy topics that are crucial to respond to the climate change and loss of biodiversity. The world desperately needs evidence-based policies that will transform the way socio-economic system is working. While we cannot expect easy answers and one-size-fits-all models we can guide the way forward providing clues on […]

NGI_Trust 1st Open Call

Europe is building the Next Generation Internet, we need your help to make it human centric by developing scalable privacy and trust enhancing solutions. The 1st NGI_TRUST open call for projects is now launched (offering grants of up to €200k). The NGI Trust open calls aim to: Engage a variety of players (newcomers to H2020 are encouraged) ! Explore pre-selected […]