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Mission-oriented innovation policies: driving communities forward

What’s in the mission? Countries that are recognised as innovation leaders and strong innovators (see European Innovation Scoreboard 2021) are increasingly taking a long-term mission-driven (also referred to as vision- or challenge-driven) approach to their innovation and science policies. For example, Sweden has noted that missions linked to global sustainability goals provide a solid ground […]

CatRIS project delivering an integrated and EOSC compatible catalogue of services

The CatRIS project aimed at developing a European wide catalogue of services for Research Infrastructures. It was funded by the European Union (GA 824173) and coordinated by the European Science Foundation. Active since January 2019, the project concluded last June 2021. As key result, the CatRIS consortium developed an open, trusted and user-friendly portal to […]

Next Generation Internet: a resilient approach to mitigate COVID-19 impact and foster innovation

We are all trying to adapt to the diverse lifestyles imposed by the current pandemic. While governments are managing in constant emergency and looking to prevent future impacts, citizens around the world look at connecting to each other – mostly from home, by respecting the measures set by the authorities. Moreover, governments, citizens and private […]